Harry Potter and Recap/Reveal Videos

My original intention with this post was to create a rather lengthy diatribe detailing my history not only with Harry Potter but Disneyland. This was I was doing by way of introducing a couple minor videos that I have produced but which are not featured as part my portfolio.

As I was composing the post I realized that I had bitten off far more than I could chew and that the narrative I was creating would not do the videos any favors and would in fact just drown them in a flurry of superfluous sentences.

So, I'll try to keep this brief. (Not an easy thing for me)

Disneyland is fun. Harry Potter is cool.

Put those together and you get Harry Potter Day at Disneyland, an event formerly organized by one of my oldest friends: Zoe Necrosis.

I have, on two occasions, made videos that were part of this event.

The first was when they took the event to the next level: challenging those in attendance with a spectacular scavenger hunt across the Disney Parks, the culmination of which was a showcase enjoyed by all.

The next video I participate in would not come for another 3 years. While the event continued to grow both conceptually and in terms of sheer numbers, each year I was unable to attend for various reasons.

Which brings us to the controversial 2014 Potter Day at the Park. I won't attempt to explain what happened that fateful day for two reasons. 1) I was not in attendance and 2) Zoe gives an incredible and incredibly detailed account HERE. It's heart breaking to read and I can only imagine how awful it must have been to be part of.

Due to the unfortunate events (described in the blog post linked above) the story that these folks had been building, the "reveal" if you will, was never given to the 1,000+ Potter fans that participated in the scavenger hunt that year. Most of them were understanding, but still disappointed. I offered my services to my friend and a video (after some major and minor hick ups) was produced.

Without the proper context it might not make much sense. Much of it didn't to me, as I was so far outside the loop at that point. But, the passion for the project, sense of fun and camaraderie amongst the group is more than tangible.

It was great fun to be part of these projects. I've heard rumblings that despite the set backs of last year there may still be a smaller gathering this November. I hope it's true. If you're interested in keeping track, I'd follow THIS FACEBOOK page or watch THIS BLOG for news and updates. 

Disneyland is fun. Harry Potter is cool. That's all there really is to it.