smoke and mirrors open house recap

Over the years I've had the great privilege of being part of the pole dance fitness revolution. I have shot several videos for many different studios throughout Orange County over the years. Many years ago directed, shot and edited a five disk DVD set of instructional videos (5 star average review on Amazon!!) and not long after helped get an on-line pole school off the ground. 

Almost everyone I have encountered in this tight-knit community has been inviting and inspiring. But with that said, one of my absolute favorite local studios is SMOKE AND MIRRORS FITNESS. A couple years ago, I created a PROMOTIONAL VIDEO for their spectacular studio. The results were exciting and rewarding. I then had the opportunity to collaborate with a COUPLE of the INSTRUCTORS from the school on individual videos to showcase their incredible talents. 

These women are exceptionally inspiring. They have a beautiful dedication to their art and a work ethic that is beyond amazing. They are committed to building quality relationships with all their students, pushing them and supporting them through some really difficult and physically challenging dance moves. 

Oh and did I mention it's a hell of a work out.

Recently Smoke and Mirrors was holding their annual open house and I was kindly asked to shoot video, while my WIFE shot photographs, to create a sort of "recap" of the event.

I'm always excited to work with the women of Smoke and Mirrors Fitness. Here are the results of our most recent project.