Mothers Day 2015

This weekend I took my GH4 out to do some shooting for the first time. I'm wrapping up the shooting process for new promotional video for Sugar Free Photography. I just needed a handful of shots more before I sat down for what will certainly be a lengthy editing process. 

So, Saturday morning, my step daughter Rayne and I went to the Sugar Free studio and got a few shots while Amber, my wife and owner of Sugar Free Photography, prepped for maternity shoot. 

At the time, I had planned on Rayne and I recording a special video message for Amber later in the evening. Something simple and sweet, probably just a sort of "selfie" video of us talking to the camera. We'd post it on Facebook and it would be sweet and that would be that. 

The reason for the simplicity was simple: 5 years ago I made a mothers day video that turned out so well and has become so special to our family, that I thought it would be impossible to top. You can see that video HERE.  

But, while working with the new camera at the studio, I got one shot of Rayne that just blew my mind. I realized the moment I was getting it that we would need to use it to make our Mothers Day video. 

We rushed home. I had a drink, meditated on childhood and motherhood and wrote some words for Rayne to read. We sat down, I gave her the words and she got it. She knew exactly how to deliver them. She made me so proud and the rest of my job so easy. 

Voice over: check. Music: Check. Video: Check. 

When Amber got home that night we couldn't wait to show her the results. 

I'm pretty proud of what I was able to accomplish in just a few short hours.