New Camera, New Inspiration

In December of last year, my wife and I were hit with a big set back. Her studio was broken into and robbed. Among other things we lost one of our trusted Canon Cameras, several lenses and her main computer. Amazingly, they did not take her hard drives, which contained hundreds of client's photographs. 

With the dust finally settling and insurance picking up a substantial (but not nearly the whole value) portion of the cost, it was time to start putting things back together. Since we were going to be getting a new camera, I started doing some research as to whether or not it might be a good time to upgrade. Since the purchase of my 7D (the one that was stolen) there has been dozens of new cameras released and price drops on many bits of equipment that I could not justify the expense on previously. 

Of course I started with Canon, as that's what I have been using since getting into DSLR videography, but as my research continued, one camera kept coming up again and again: the Panasonic Lumix GH4. I couldn't believe what it was offering at the price point and even if the specs were true, I was sure the quality of image would be crap. So, I hunted for example videos and was blown away. I'm a believer. In the next few weeks I will be getting this camera. I can't wait to try it out and start using it on projects. 

Below are some videos that I've come across demonstrating the amazing imagery that can be captured with the GH4. 

This is exciting. This is going to be fun.